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You can easily store and check your architectural survey. Save it in DXF format.

Rilievo 2.2 --> special offer until sept 26: the same price of release 1.x!!!
We have update all the internal app engine! Here some of the news:
- New user interface;
- new input method;
- new themes;
- new units;
- new options;
- new zoom buttons;
... and much more!

Welcome! This app would to help you in your work of architectural survay. With this software you can store and check you survay easly! No more open perimeter or dimension forgotten! You can immediatly view your drawing and adjust it real-time!

Like a real architectural survey, you have to start from a point in the area to get, and then follow the perimeter side-by-side, dimension-by-dimension! You can insert point by absolute coordinates and relative coordinates, modify and delete bad insertion, draw arc, etc...

Every point is associated with a "perimeter" (perimeter field). All points that are on the same perimeter are, obviously, a unique line. So, if you want to start another line/perimeter, you have to digit another perimeter number in the perimeter field.

You can also place isolated note (without line) choosing "0" in the perimeter field. If you want to make an arc rather you have to type the keyword 'arc' in the note field. Doing this will set the current point as the midpoint of an arc made starting from the previous point and ending to the next point.

It's possible to save your drawings into a folder named "Rilievo" placed in the external storage.The application will save two versions of the file simultaneously: one CSV and one DXF format. Eachone of these is downloadable directly from external storage (by accessing to device) or can be sent to an email address (use the apposite command). If you use Autodesk Autocad, it is possible to import the CSV file into a drawing DWG by using the LISP that I made for it! It's downloadable from the support site freely...

Follow the Rilievo YouTube channel... you will find there several video tutorial!

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